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WORDS...mine have been lacking lately. I haven't published a blog post in almost 6 weeks. That is not the best strategy for building a following. But sometimes I need to be quiet and listen instead of speaking and getting my point across. Earlier today, I heard 2 songs that caught my attention. The 1st was "Words" by Hawk Nelson and the 2nd was "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. I love the song "Oceans". You should see me or hear me when I belt it out in the car. It's been out awhile and can still almost bring me to tears. It is just powerful. So what do the 2 songs have to do with each other? Well, I guess I just wrote it, power . Words are powerful. Hence songs are powerful. I don't want to write and post blogs just to push out content. There needs to be purpose and meaning. I was struck and humbled by the lyrics of both of these songs tonight and just wanted to share what is on my heart. ' Death and life are in the