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But First, Coffee

COFFEE. Coffee. Coffee. Remember the blog I wrote, The Best Part of Waking Up ? I think there is a common thread among moms and people in general about coffee. Its a big deal, isn't it. Why is that? If you take a look at your Instagram feed or even the end isles of a Target, you should recall seeing some shirt or mug with a phrase about coffee on it.  I've been contemplating this specific blog topic for a couple of years now. I wasn't sure how to write it when I was still daily consuming my coffee. That is until a couple of weeks ago. But before I get into that, let me share more of my heart's desire in this message.  For these years, I have been noticing the marketing of coffee and aware of my own love of coffee, I wondered if it had become an idol my life. Could I or would I willingly give up coffee? And if I couldn't give up coffee, what did that mean to me? Morning time is commonly suggested to be the time to do the thing that you need to do the most. Its