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God Only Knows

God only knows why you are scrolling right now. Heard the remix of "God Only Knows" by For King and Country with Echosmith driving home after a long day. I'm tired, my kids ate too much candy, and I love music, this song being no exception. This song could have came out when I was in high school and it would have connected to my heart and soul then. And 21 yrs later there is much more that God only knows about my feelings and struggles. This song's lyrics are timeless, the making of great and classic works of art. Its no surprise it won song of the year. What is it that God only knows about you? What are you hiding from? running from? afraid of? Even though you may have heard that God is love and that He loves you regardless of whatever shame weighing on you, it is actually true. Yes, it is! When we actually accept and believe that, life changes. Walking with God is better than running from Him or anyone else for that matter. Without God, we fall apart