I Am More

This poem may help you to understand my heart and the purpose of the blog. I actually thought about changing the name of the blog to "More Than Just A Mom" but for now, I am not.

Something I notice lately is how often I say or think, "I just" (I just want to get somewhere on time. I just want you to listen to me so I can keep you safe.), or how often I simply add "just" to a statement. I use it in an exhaustive way but what comes to mind for me is that God is just. That may or may not have anything to do with this poem.

Anyways, here is my poem:

I Am More

I am not the one who has it all together
I am more than a beautifully made up face
I am designed perfectly by the Creator of the universe

I am not the dent in the car or the chip in the paint
I am more valuable than any earthly thing
I am redeemed by a king who died for me

I am not the problems or traumas in my life
I am more than the dysfunction in my relationships
I am a child of God

I am not the clothes I wear
I …

Like A Child: BABY STUFF!!!!!!!

A newborn has needs that must be met and there is a huge market of stuff to help. It may not be long before a new parent looks up and is totally surrounded by all of this new baby stuff.

This can be overwhelming and confusing trying to determine what is truly necessary. Similarly, there are also several resources for new Christians available, but what do we really need?

Every baby and every person develops at their own rate. This is also true of spiritual growth.
Don’t expect to be as spiritual as your friend or someone you see at church.
Get comfortable with who you are and letting God mold you.
Just getting to the point of accepting Christ’s love for us may take one person
a lifetime and another person minutes.

Since we all develop at different speeds it is natural for the many of options to dive into our faith deeper to be appealing. My advice is to NOT get overwhelmed
and start with the basics. It might just be that a Bible and a
small group is all you need to get started.

Like A Child: Infancy

We all start as infants, both in life and in Christianity.
Perhaps we try to grow up too fast.
Or some of us may get stuck in the infant state. Jesus said to come unto him with childlike hearts.
Is it possible to have the heart of a child while still allowing the mind to mature to an adult?
Isn’t that is the ideal state?

Why are we in such a hurry to grow up and be so fast paced that we just get through each day?
We have lost our youthful spirits worrying about what others think and being successful.
What does God intend? God is our Father and he will provide if we trust.

Are we content to accept what God has in store for us or do we desire the control to run our own lives?
When we interfere, the train goes off course.

Are you new in Christ or rededicated? Congratulations!!! You are brand new!
Welcome to God’s family!

You are loved.

If you don’t believe that you are loved, I hope that through this blog you will discover
God’s amazing love for you.

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:…

Love is a Battlefield

(Started Feb 2017, Published Feb 2018)
Love. My daughter and son received these adorable valentine's cards with army figures on them which I strategically placed in the picture. In this dollhouse, the bedroom is where the battle is about to go down. Do you think it started with the toilet seat that was left up or something bigger?
Love is a battlefield. Isn't that the truth? Phew! I'll say. I can't think of many times where I felt like I came out on the winning side of love. Except, of course, the most critical, Jesus. I'm so grateful that I finally believe in the unmatched love my Savior has for me. He loves you too!

Last year January, I asked my uncle that loves to study theology about why it is so common to use 1 Corinthians  13 in marriage vows. My uncle has officiated several weddings, including my own. My specific questions were: 1) why use that passage of Scripture and 2) if the people being wed were to have already achieved this type of love for each other o…

The Right Way to Pray?

This might be a controversial question, but is there a right way to pray? I heard a sermon a few weeks ago that inspired me on a "way to pray" based on Scripture. I was super pumped about it and posted that I wanted to write a blog that week about it. Then life continued on and I procrastinated on writing this post. So here I am, weeks later, questioning my original idea of what I wanted to write.

With the new year, there has been several new songs playing on my favorite radio channel, Air1 radio. One new song is by Riley Clemons called "Broken Prayers" (see the video below). I heard it yesterday and today twice already and its just after lunch. Now I'm writing (and being obedient).

I'm conflicted about the format of prayer and the desperation of prayer.
I've gone through many seasons where I had to force myself to let go of the "right way" to do things, the "religious" way. That is part of what I love about the song Real Love by Blan…