Am I an influencer? In our social media obsessed culture, influencer marketing, is a huge opportunity. Influencers are everywhere. So, am I one?  I have a website for the blog and social media pages. Likes and follows . Certainly there is an opportunity to utilize this platform.  Over the last year I have been privileged to learn more about social media through my workplace. Having a coach is powerful tool for growth. As much as I've learned, I would not call myself an expert, but how often do we believe that an influencer is the ultimate expert?  Is it my goal to be seen as an expert? Do I like the attention? To answer that question I'm going to take the advice of my coach and share about the "why". Knowing the "why" is essential to maintaining the integrity of a page. I don't want to be like a wave tossed in the ocean just as the Bible cautions. Its tempting to go with the current trend of the moment but does that line up with my "why".