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Like A Child: Infancy

We all start as infants, both in life and in Christianity. Perhaps we try to grow up too fast. Or some of us may get stuck in the infant state. Jesus said to come unto him with childlike hearts. Is it possible to have the heart of a child while still allowing the mind to mature to an adult? Isn’t that is the ideal state? Why are we in such a hurry to grow up and be so fast paced that we just get through each day? We have lost our youthful spirits worrying about what others think and being successful. What does God intend? God is our Father and he will provide if we trust. Are we content to accept what God has in store for us or do we desire the control to run our own lives? When we interfere, the train goes off course. Are you new in Christ or rededicated? Congratulations!!! You are brand new! Welcome to God’s family! You are loved. If you don’t believe that you are loved, I hope that through this blog you will discover God’s amazing love for you.