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Sojourner Truth - Ain't I A Woman

 When I was in 4th grade, I read a biography and did a report about Sojourner Truth.  The book was published by  Scholastic  in 1994 and authored by Patricia C. McKissack and Fredrick McKissack. Reading that book and writing that report had a profound impact on me. I still have the handwritten original in my saved memories from my childhood. I remember being completely shocked and mortified that slavery was such a part of the American history.  my original report In honor of Black History Month, I thought I would re-type it out here on the blog.  Sojourner Truth  (Ain't I A Woman?) Isabella Van Wagner was born sometime in 1797 to a slave family. Her parents James and Betsy called her Belle. Belle's father James was called Baumfree and Belle's  mother Betsy was called Mau Mau Bett.  Baumfree and Mau Mau Bett had other children but they were sold away. They were worried Belle was going to be sold away too. The best they could do was to teach Belle to cope with her life as it

Past Notes Forgotten

Last night I was looking for a show to watch on Netflix that wouldn't get me sucked into a series and yet would be more than a cooking show or another organizing show, even though I love those. I landed on a show about being minimalist. I've learned about it in the past but I thought it was cool that it was less than an hour and it related to being organized but was a little deeper. The show was called " The Minimalists: Less in Now " and its new (2021) and the guys are from Ohio 😜. So this morning, while at home with the kids on a precautionary quarantine, I had started to purge random areas. In that effort, I found an old notebook that I kept saving. I opened it to see notes from 2010. These were notes about a specific memory of a pivotal time that changed my approach and outlook on my faith and relationship with Jesus.  Why don't I remember taking these notes? I'm going to attempt to explain my selective memory from my life experience, not in a

2020 Vision

Will I ever be able to hear that phrase "hindsight is 2020" and not shudder at the memory of 2020? As the year 2020 has recently come to a close, I want to pause. What has 2020 taught me? It seems like this year will go down as a whopper. What will we take from it as we start 2021?  January is over. Where did that month go? Time has a way of moving slow and fast all at the same time.  Today there is much uncertainty and much to overcome.  Sounds familiar if you look at history books. While each situation is truly unique, we can look back and pull both lessons and hope from the past?  History can be ugly. People can be quite wicked. And power and money can lead to greed and destruction.  Its hard to have hope at times.   BUT I do.  However my hope is not in the world. My hope is in Jesus.  Can you see the light and hope of Jesus shining in your community?  I was able to share a meal with a young lady who has a heart to share the gospel through gifts the