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Little Sheep, Lost Sheep

Attempting to finish my  the homework in Bible study workbook before it starts tonight - anyone else relate? This is my second study at the church and I am loving it. Regardless if I can completely keep up with the homework, I am growing.  This week we reviewed  Matthew 18 and that is where I am pausing to reflect and write this blog.  Answering questions about The Parable Of The Lost Sheep right after the conversation of Who Is The Greatest impacted me. The little ones Jesus spoke about hits a nerve. I had been reviewing these questions at my son's soccer practice while my daughter tried to occupy herself. She was looking through her True Girl subscription box for January and it included a journal. I was telling her my study was kinda like the study we get to do with True Girl. If you never heard of True Girl, check it out .   She wanted to know more about what I was answering. We ended up talking about the Lost Sheep. My daughter really enjoys being asked