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Make it a Better Day!

When I worked as a purchaser, I used to try to figure out how to put personality into my emails. I preferred to submit orders for the parts and supplies in writing rather than verbally over the phone, so I was often sending emails. I had a basic template and I could tweak it for the contact. I did this job for several years and I would get depressed. My depression was not specifically about the job, but some of the people were more difficult to deal with than others. So, in an effort to improve my mood and others, I would include the following phrases depending on the day: Make it a marvelous Monday! Make it a terrific Tuesday! Make it a wonderful Wednesday! Make it a tremendous Thursday! Make it a fantastic (or fabulous) Friday! This was a reminder to myself mostly that I had the ability and the choice to determine how my day would go. My mood would then have the capability to rub off on someone else.  Every time I wrote "terrific Tuesday" or "tremendous T


I'll be there for that song playing in your head right now? With the recent move, different house, no cable, a new job, I am attempting to adjust my life. When I go through changes, I like to find something familiar , something comfortable. The voices of Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe are soothing to me. I didn't have cable before I was married. Didn't need it and couldn't afford it. Over time, I accumulated all ten seasons of the series Friends. Most nights I fell asleep to a DVD. After a couple weeks at this new house, tonight, I broke out season 5 of my collection. 17  A friend is always loyal,      and a brother is born to help in time of need. Proverbs 17:17 NLT I'm not watching it. Its just on in the background. I have most of the episodes memorized anyway. Why do I like this show enough to watch, or listen to it thousands of times? I know I am not alone in this. This series has been syndicated on TV

Stood Up

Do you know the feeling of being stood up?  At one time I would have been so wrapped up in the defeat and the "whats wrong with me" attitude. Now, I feel disrespected and think its rude and not worth my time.  Well, our house got stood up the other night. You see, our house is on a dating site,   and it has been having a lot of 1st dates these days. This date got cancelled about 45 minutes before but rescheduled. I let that slide. Then after the date, I got that lonely feeling in my stomach that we had been stood up. And the feedback email came through that the buyer had to cancel at the last minute. Really? So the agent couldn't have called to tell someone but told us in the feedback. That ticked me off but at least confirmed that my intuition was right. I'm debating how to respond. I feel as though I do not want to let this person schedule again unless its during an open house. I mean really, if they would ever decide to put an offer in, what