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I'll be there for that song playing in your head right now?

With the recent move, different house, no cable, a new job, I am attempting to adjust my life. When I go through changes, I like to find something familiar , something comfortable. The voices of Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe are soothing to me.

I didn't have cable before I was married. Didn't need it and couldn't afford it. Over time, I accumulated all ten seasons of the series Friends. Most nights I fell asleep to a DVD. After a couple weeks at this new house, tonight, I broke out season 5 of my collection.

A friend is always loyal,

    and a brother is born to help in time of need.
I'm not watching it. Its just on in the background. I have most of the episodes memorized anyway. Why do I like this show enough to watch, or listen to it thousands of times?

I know I am not alone in this. This series has been syndicated on TV and is played daily on many channels. I used to fall asleep to it when we had cable before the move. I knew what channels played it at 10p and then from 11p to 1A. This show is wildly popular and it hasn't been made since 2004. I didn't even watch it when it originally aired. Why after?

There are other shows I binge watch but they don't help me fall asleep. Some of those shows give me bad dreams or keep some part of my mind active. Friends is relaxing for me.

As I am growing spiritually, I am less fond and more aware of the parts of the show I don't like. I'm not thrilled about the sexual innuendos or language at times but I know that I am not and never have been perfect. Is it healthy to watch the show like this though?

The heartfelt counsel of a friend

    is as sweet as perfume and incense.   Proverbs 27:9 NLT

How many of us like to block out our thoughts by drowning them out with music, or a show? What is your background noise?

I think this Friends thing started with being uncomfortable in my own silence. Often I didn't feel safe and I didn't like the unknown. This show becomes predictable. Its light, not heavy. No one is being raped or assaulted like on SVU (another show I'm drawn too). There are a couple episodes of Friends that still make me LOL, laugh out loud. (Remind me some time to tell you the story of my misunderstanding of how to interpret "LOL").

Do you have a best friend? My 3yo daughter was telling me about who her best friend at the moment was today. She changes her mind on this often. Seems like if we are on the way to someone's house, they are her best friend. I tried to explain that she doesn't have to have only 1 best friend. I don't even understand what she thinks a best friend is. I think she may think she can only have 1 friend at a time.

Are you able to fall asleep without noise? Do you have a good set of friends to support you? Is your best friend Jesus?

Who will be there for you?

Father, Jesus, Thank you for loving me first. Thank you! I want to learn to recognize Your voice without question. I want to come to You first. I want to read the Word until I have it memorized. I want to call you friend, my best friend. You have blessed me immensely but no one is without the pain and loss caused by the fall and the sin of the world. We all go through tough times. Help me to remain grateful and able to share how I've been able to grow and overcome life's challenges. Thank you for the grace to move forward and for the air I breathe. Thank you for Jesus! In His Name, amen.  

These are special items that were just unpacked that bring back memories of friendship. 
A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

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Thank you! God Bless


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