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2020 Vision

Will I ever be able to hear that phrase "hindsight is 2020" and not shudder at the memory of 2020?

As the year 2020 has recently come to a close, I want to pause. What has 2020 taught me?

It seems like this year will go down as a whopper. What will we take from it as we start 2021? 

January is over. Where did that month go? Time has a way of moving slow and fast all at the same time. 

Today there is much uncertainty and much to overcome. 

Sounds familiar if you look at history books. While each situation is truly unique, we can look back and pull both lessons and hope from the past? 

History can be ugly. People can be quite wicked. And power and money can lead to greed and destruction. 

Its hard to have hope at times.
BUT I do. 

However my hope is not in the world. My hope is in Jesus. 

Can you see the light and hope of Jesus shining in your community? 

I was able to share a meal with a young lady who has a heart to share the gospel through gifts the Lord has given her. Listening to her explain how she has been obedient to follow the calling of the Holy Spirit was a great encouragement to my soul. She is not trying to use her talent to simply become rich or famous but to honor God and to seek and save the lost. 

I can have the hope that is from Jesus because this young woman is shining for Jesus. She is facing fears and the possible rejection of man to serve our savior. 

We can live because He lives. 
We can serve because He served. We can have hope because He rose. 

I can look back on 2020 and see what was overcome and remember who helped me get through it. 

I can look back further and get upset and triggered. Or I can stay in the present. 

Memories are often triggered by something so small, a glimpse of an object can flash us back so fast. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a phone list and this one number on it tried to take me down a deep spiral. Thankfully though, I was able to take captive my thoughts and make them obedient. That was a long learned life lesson and quite a bit of the Holy Spirit taking over to get out of that hole so fast. 

It hurts too much to stay down when I fall. If I break my bone or even pull a muscle, I want to get to the Dr and that requires movement. 

Can't stay still, don't want to go back, must move forward. (not my words but good ones)

My hindsight after 2020 is that if I need glasses to help me see better, that's ok. I am willing to get help. God has provided then and I trust He will continue to light the way. The literal next step. If I can't see it, I know I can reach out my hand and let Him lead me. I'm never alone. I never was alone, even when it used to feel that way. I can see that now. 

Father God, thank you for the way I can find You in my past pain. Thank you that I know You were there with me and that I was never alone. Thank you for getting me where I needed in the time that was safest for me to be able to process. Your ways are better than mine and I do know that I don't always have my own best interest in mind. Teach me to love myself so I can love my neighbor as myself. Thank you for Jesus and grace. In Your powerful name, amen.

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Thank you! God Bless


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