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Christmas in 2020

What is Christmas in 2020 teaching us? It seems that I constantly hear how awful this year is and has been. It is undeniable that 2020 has brought in an immense disruption to life as we knew it. Still I'd like to challenge the mindset that a new date on a calendar is what will bring us back to whatever we thought was "good enough" or "better" before. 

Life is hard. It always has been from my angle and life has also always had hope. However, so often I couldn't recognize that light of hope until I was beyond that season and looking back. 

This year, 2020, I made some accomplishments in healing through EMDR by discovering the presence of my Hope in some very dark times, long, long ago. It took vulnerability and intention to see the good in past pain. 

What will we see when we get past 2020? What hope was trying to break through the darkness? 

Are we supposed to be living for next year or for today?

This year has taught me to trust God. God has provided and kept me going. Last roll of toilet paper and a box of goodies including TP showed up on my door. 

People have blessed me. I've blessed others in ways that I can. I make tithing a regular part of my life. Giving makes receiving so much more precious.

I give because of how much has already been given to me, past, present, and future. 

Listen to the Spirit! You might be surprised just how much impact responding to that nudge will have in someone's life. 

This year has reminded me of the people I miss being able to go and visit. 

This year has helped me appreciate my children's school teachers and the homeschooling families on a whole different level. 

This year has also brought some insecurities to light. 
Slowed me down a bit. 
Made me  cry out to Jesus.

At the end of the day, if I am reaching out to my Saviour, then it is not that bad. I am confident that I have a Saviour that loves me, that sees me, and will take care of me. I can tell my Father anything -even that I don't understand and how hard life feels. But God is good and will take me through. 

Many times I've gotten stuck because it has been hard for me to reconcile the injustices of the world and how that connects to God. What I know is that God loves us so much he sent Jesus. Not only did Jesus come to rescue us, He was sent in such a way that we can relate to Him. He was a servant, he worked, he was born without royal power or status. He experienced being human. 

This year as I am studying the Christmas story with @First5 devotional app, I'm growing a deeper appreciation for Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Zechariah's experiences during that time. I've been actually trying to practice silence at times, which is so hard, especially as a parent. I want less of me and more of the Holy Spirit. 

2020 is nearing a calendar close and I understand the desire to give it a swift kick out the door but to me its still just a date, a number. My security is not going to dramatically change on January 1, 2021. My Hope, my security is in Jesus and the grace given to me by the true gift of Christmas. 

Abba Father, Thank you for the abundance of blessings that you have given me and many people I know. Help us to stay in the present and not miss the good by being washed in worry. You take care of the sparrows and You take care of us. I lift up the sick, the overlooked, overshadowed, brokenhearted, and worn people. Reveal ways that we can care for our neighbor, for each other. In Jesus capable name, amen. 

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Thank you! God Bless


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