Sunsets in Summer

Summer Ohio

In a year like 2020 has been for so many, I am shifting my eyes and my attention to the gifts all around me. We are so blessed in this state with all sorts of amazing places to STOP and notice God's glory and  masterpiece. What are you focusing on these days?

 This is a picture taken at Lake Erie Bluffs. It is by far my favorite picture. The tiger lily was placed there to help me capture some extra color. I absolutely love the way it turned out. (Thank you God!!!)

 This is another picture, another flower, same sunset, same place, just a few steps over and a few minutes before. I don't have to edit God's work 😁

There are hundreds of amazing photos of God's handiwork on my phone. I'm going to start showcasing it here on the blog site. It's hard for me to keep it to myself because I know its a reminder of God's promise to me and to all of you. 

Thank you God for blessing us with a sunset and a sunrise. The colors of the sunset remind me of the promise in the rainbow 🌈. You are constant, You are present with me, You saw me when I have felt invisible and You loved me before anyone knew me. You wanted me God and no one can take that certainty away from me now that I understand it. I see it in the way You provide. I've always enjoyed nature, maybe its always been a way You were communicating with me. Thank you for Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit and the breath I get each new morning when I rise. In Your undeniable name, amen. 

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Thank you! God Bless!


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