Bottom of the Well

Over the last year I've been finding myself sitting at Jacob's well trying to figure out what this living water is all about. The well is deep and it seems to be at the center of my existence. I'm not even trying to get there usually and I'm just there again. God keeps bringing me back. But why? What am I missing? What am I not understanding about the way Jesus speaks to the Samaritan woman?

Often I feel dehydrated. I literally wake up in the night so incredibly thirsty. Keeping a glass of water by the bed seems to be a requirement. Whenever I feel anxiety building up in my soul, the Word of God is like that glass of water. If I keep it close, accessible, and chose to drink it up frequently then I am less likely to feel parched.

Another way I deal with anxiousness is to work out. It distracts me and the way my body hurts reminds me that I am alive and capable. Yet it requires me to drink more water and to refuel my body. If I don't drink enough water, I get a nasty headache, that I refer to as my workout hangover headache. Its brutal and totally not worth it. The water I need and the food I choose is critical to how well I recover and go about the day. The Word of God and accountability with other believers is part of my fitness regimen.

Do you ever wonder if you actually are on the right path but then doubt yourself and end up tripping on your own feet. My friend sent me the March 3rd devotion from Jesus Calling and it spoke right to my soul. I'm not sure what voice I'm listening to and end up in circles.

Today I ended up listening to the last sermon series from Levi Lusko's relationship series. This sermon was titled "Commitment Issues". Watch here. (Jump to minute 36 to hear specific part or just watch the whole thing.) At the end, the story of the woman at the well came up. The way God used Levi to speak, to bluntly say that living water does not come from men. As a newly divorced single mom, this was and still is a good reminder even if I think I know it already. Levi went on to say that no human can complete me. We as humans are all incompatible. If I follow Jesus with my whole heart and He draws me to another person that also has Jesus has his north star, then together we can imperfectly follow Jesus with grace, forgiveness, and humor.

I wrote this blog more than three years ago which was two months after our divorce was final. I still pause and notice anytime the topic of the woman at the well comes up. I put on my listening ears and heart. I love that about the Word of God, it is truly alive and active. Keep seeking and He'll keep showing up. I don't think I'm done with this passage of Scripture or what the Spirit may show me through it. 

Father, thank you that Jesus went out of His way to meet that woman at the well. Thank you that Jesus went intentionally and purposely to the cross. Thank you for the resurrection. I'm so broken and yet so loved. It is my grace alone that I am saved. Thank you for continuing to reveal Truth to me. In Jesus Name, amen.

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Thank you! God Bless


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