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My IKEA Visit

During a recent visit to Columbus, there was this pocket of time that occurred when the kids needed to nap and we needed to drive. So, I knew there was this store I wanted to check out near by called IKEA, maybe you have heard of it? A friend told me I would like that store years ago but I never had the opportunity to get there. But after a half day at the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay, that moment finally arrived. Thank goodness my husband was willing to drive around the parking lot for me to get my 40 minutes in the store before the kids woke up.  I was also lucky that IKEA Columbus recently opened. Those 40 minutes ended up being so energizing for me and most memorable part of our whole visit to Columbus.

Instantly, my mind was visually awake. I didn't really want to blink, unless to refresh my eyes to be able to take in each new mini home. As I was walking through these staged apartments, I thought of the movie when the girl lives in a Walmart. I want to live in an IKEA. They should be selling the tiny homes made out of shipping containers fully furnished. I bet they could really sell those. The shipping container movement has been seen in Columbus, Cleveland and in Akron, it may be still a small scale but it is inspired.

Anyways, there is really so much to see in the store. Too much to take in within 35 minutes, and it took me 5 minutes to get to the exit, only because I was willing to ask for directions. There were tons of arrows and signs directing me but I didn't have time to waste. With a store that large, there are more emergency exits than I could probably count, and guess what, they all have a sign pointing to them. I found those but needed help finding the main exit in a hurry. I will give myself credit for making it from upstairs to downstairs on my own. Score! Ha ha. I have to laugh at myself so I hope you do too.
Exit signs galore

Isn't life like that sometimes? Did you ever feel like you were in a situation that you needed to get out of but couldn't seem to find your way? Like being lost on a trail and you keep on going in circles. Or perhaps like the scene in Seinfield where they can't find the car in the multi-level parking garage. Or that you are unhappy but can't quite figure out why, so you experiment with different spiritual options, workouts, therapy, art, sports, drugs, friends and on and so on. I know people like that. I was one at times in my life. Sometimes it was casual and harmless and other times it felt uneasy and unnerving.

Do you think we live on this earth as though we are shopping in a large warehouse filled with everything we could ever want, in any color, style, and price point? Do we wander aimlessly writing down our wish lists and calculating the cost? Do we dream that we could make our life look like this other life over here or there? Do we live like we have all the time in the world? That its all about our comfort?

Don't get me wrong, I want several items in the store. Will I ever get them, we'll see. They are reasonably priced and practical. If the opportunity and need presents itself, then I will highly consider purchasing from this store or requesting gift cards for any future holidays or celebrations. I did even just send some gift cards to my sisters for their birthday.

Now that I have been talking about it, I am learning about how many other people like shopping there too. So if you like IKEA, enjoy! But I can't help but connect this shopping adventure to God and how often I get confused about my time on earth. I don't want to take for granted the opportunities and time I have on this planet.

Life is not about whether or not my furniture is modern and sleek. It's about how I shine from this inside out. Does the love of Jesus pour out of me? Do I have the joy of knowing Christ even during difficult times? Do I make an effort to share the amazing gift of grace?

Dear God, Thank you for your amazing creation and design that surrounds me every day. You created the flowers, the stars, and everything in between. When I look at my children, I am blown away by my blessings from you. I am so grateful to be a mom even though it is so hard some, many, days. Help me to shine your love God even when I am dealing with a temper tantrum from one of the kids. Give me the wisdom to stop and pray, to show the kids and those watching me, that I depend on you God. I am not rock star mom, but I have the most amazing Father. In Jesus Name, amen. 

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Thank you! God Bless


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