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I Am More

This poem may help you to understand my heart and the purpose of the blog. I actually thought about changing the name of the blog to "More Than Just A Mom" but for now, I am not.

Something I notice lately is how often I say or think, "I just" (I just want to get somewhere on time. I just want you to listen to me so I can keep you safe.), or how often I simply add "just" to a statement. I use it in an exhaustive way but what comes to mind for me is that God is just. That may or may not have anything to do with this poem.

Anyways, here is my poem:

I Am More

I am not the one who has it all together
I am more than a beautifully made up face
I am designed perfectly by the Creator of the universe

I am not the dent in the car or the chip in the paint
I am more valuable than any earthly thing
I am redeemed by a king who died for me

I am not the problems or traumas in my life
I am more than the dysfunction in my relationships
I am a child of God

I am not the clothes I wear
I am more than fabric 
I am God's temple

I am not a mistake
I am more than the lies I've been told and the tears that I've cried
I am intentional and I'm claiming my victory in Christ

I am not my child running away from me not listening
I am more than the angry sound coming from my mouth
I am complete in Christ

I am not my children kicking and screaming in the grocery store
I am more than the heat and red cheeks from embarrassment on my face
I am loved by God

I am not my child when playing joyfully
I am more than the temporary peace I see
I am forgiven and invited into eternity

I am not just a mom
I am more than a title, more than a stereotype
I am a follower and a co-worker of Christ

Thanks for taking the time to read my poem. I've always loved to write poetry, especially as a teen. It helped me through some dark times and it helped me stay connected to God. This blog is a way for me to connect with God and how he's teaching me through my children and life as a stay-at-home mom. But I am more than just a mom and I am not going to let the world define my identity. I'm going to let God define it. So know that you are more than just a mom, or dad, grandparent, or whatever that may be for you. You have a purpose and don't let the world steal that from you. Live loved today.

Dear God, Thank you for the alone time today so that I could put this blog together and thank you for the words you put in my heart to help me communicate to you and about you. Let this blog land in somebodies lap that needs it. I hope that anything good that comes out of my mouth gives you glory God. Thank you so much. In Jesus name, amen.

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Thank you! God Bless


  1. Wow. This was really encouraging, and reminded me to put my identity fully in Christ. Thank you for sharing!


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