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Today is Inauguration Day and we have officially sworn in a new President. So I thought it was only appropriate to time this post for this specific moment in history. Actually, if by chance this spreads on the Internet, I take no credit and pray that God is glorified somehow through my words.

I don't even remember watching anything about previous Inauguration Day coverage in my past but my father in law reminded me that it was probably because I was working then or too young. This election, this President, it feels somewhat surreal. There is much division and fear among the people. I can see from friends of Facebook that share political posts that even strong faithful Jesus followers are not all fans of the new President. Others are supporting and applauding him.

In my teen years, I was taught how to play euchre. It was fun and nice to be included in something (my parents really just needed a fourth player, but hey). As a twenty-something I jumped at the chance to play the game.

In the picture, that is what I would call a beautiful loner hand. I would totally go alone if I got the chance. That doesn't happen that often. But the trump is hearts. Jack of hearts, the right bower, is highest, then the left bower, the Jack of diamonds, then Ace, King, and Queen. The ten and nine of hearts would be the only other trump. Depending on who got to go first, I would win the trick and then throw down my two bowers and clear out the nine and ten. Its not as fun to play when the other team has a hand like this (I like to win).

Where on earth am I going with this? Two points. First, don't try to go alone at this life and think you have all the cards you need. Not everyone was born with a handful of trump. Remember that when dealing with others. Secondly, this is our Father's world. Let's not forget who is the real boss, the real commander in chief. God created the world. God has a plan. Don't let fear drive you.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 NIV

When my daughter was four months old, I was listening to the Veggie Tales version of This is My Father's World. It made me cry. It made an impact on me with all the fears and anxieties I had during that time. Maybe it will comfort you to listen to it.

Father, Thank you for Your amazing Word and comfort. Thank you for the privilege of being born in America and let me not take my freedom for granted. Thank you that you did not force yourself on me but offered me the ability to choose to follow you. I'm so grateful for the many times you have provided me the hope to continue on when the days seemed dark. In Your Mighty and Saving Name, Amen.  

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Thank you! God Bless


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