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Love Day

 At the moment I am writing this it is nearing the end of the infamous "love day", the one, the only, Valentine's Day. Bam! You either love this day or you hate this day. Usually. Depending on what you may be focusing on. More often than not, I have been single on Valentine's Day. I wonder if that has shaped how I feel about Valentine's Day or really any romantic anniversary when I have been "attached".  I'm not that sappy. I tend to want to move past these types of days quickly. I don't want anything jinxed. This lady has trust issues.  Tonight I was so happy to have Bible study to go too. And that wasn't about my relationship status. Or maybe it is. My relationship with Jesus is growing as I study the Bible with these women. I'm noticing a hunger for the Word. It's awesome and sometimes intimidating. Application questions are no joke! In a larger group, I am aware of how unique and wonderful God made us all. Noticing all of the ways