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Chase Me

So I had written a summary of what happened yesterday and frankly it was too much fluff, so let's get straight to the point. Let me set the scene. A bored and almost feeling better mom takes a tired 3yo to a busy Target in the middle of the afternoon so she could indulge herself and use a gift card for some storage bins that were on sale. Can you hear me justifying this by saying it was quality mother daughter time? Ha. I was trying to allow myself  this opportunity to give her some independence to walk and listen since its just not possible for me when we have her brother too. The cart I ended up with gave her the option to climb in and out. You can see where this is going. Fast forward a few meltdowns later and we are almost done at the store. But I find myself watching, not in disbelief, as she darts down the middle isle and doesn't stop. I'm chasing her as she goes around the corner out of my sight. Once I can see her again, I observe how she is pausing at the end


This Christmas season, I was browsing Amazon for Roomba sweepers. During a trip we took in October, we saw one at a friend's house and it was pretty entertaining. Our house is always needing an extra cleaning, especially with a carpeted dining room, but did I really need or even want one?  You see, and this may sound crazy, but I actually quite enjoy sweeping. Plus, it does count as an arm workout (IMO). Now this fondness for running the vacuum was not always there. It seems to have awakened after kids. As I was just sweeping our front entry room (where the shoes and salt live), it came to mind, that maybe this is actually about control.  The messes in the house are constant. The crumbs. The puzzle pieces. The blocks. The list goes on and you get it. Messes in life are fairly frequent too. But I can't quite fix those as easily. Plus, cleaning up life's messes doesn't always work. I'm not supposed to constantly clean up other people's mess, that is n

Just a Mom?

Who am I and why am I here? And why do you care? Who I am? My name is Angela and I'm a mom of two. I'm also a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. For years, particularly the twenty-something years, I was desperate to find my identity. Now as a mom, I don't want to lose that grip I just gained on finding my identity and replace it with one of the many adjectives I could find to describe the roles I have in life. Who I am is not simply defined by the titles of mom, wife, or friend. Who I am always has been and always will be defined by the Great I Am, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   Here are some links about identity in Christ: Believe Who God Says You Are  Rick Warren Knowing Who I Am In Christ  Joyce Meyer Why am I here (on this blog)? Since as long as I can remember, writing has been therapeutic for me and has been the most effective way for me to express my deep feelings. As a child, I could have been described as shy, and writing became