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How do you "neighbor"?

As the Daniel Tiger song goes, "a neighbor is here to help, a neighbor is here to help". Coincidentally the episode all about ways to be a neighbor was on this morning. I love this show! How silly of me but it is truly my favorite kids show because I am learning too. Learning the little songs to help me in my many moments of parenting challenges. I even have the DT Parents app on my phone which features all the songs when you may need them on the go.  Is being a good neighbor mowing the lawn on the same day everyone else does, keeping the bushes trimmed, and the mulch fresh? Is it waving hello and smiling when you see each other? Moving into a new neighborhood has sparked an awareness in me about neighboring. Our real estate agent held an open house and pie event for the neighbors to come over about a month after we moved in. It was interesting because some of the people didn't know each well and this was a good opportunity to say hello and reconnect a neighborhoo