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Since having my 2nd child, I have noticed people commenting that I have "a peace." What?!?  Shocked, I wondered if these people really were talking about me. In what may have been one of the most difficult and confusing times in my life, people could identify a peaceful quality in me? Some people knew me better than others and still were telling me this. I don't know for sure what specific way that I may have been demonstrating peace because I tend to feel so out of control and at a loss for how to handle so many of life's non-fixable obstacles. Tonight, I was catching up on my morning devotional First5 , and the verse in  Romans 8:6  struck me. Any peace that I have is directly from the Holy Spirit. I spent years and years wasting away, internally struggling because I was living for the flesh. But, now, I have been humbled and finally surrendered my will. My husband says that I have changed since we got married. Yes, I did. We got pregnant right a

The Gift of Time

Hi, friends. It has been longer than I would like since my last blog post. I have a few in the works but I like to make sure I'm publishing a blog worth reading. Time has been slipping through my fingers lately. I'm distracted, busy, tired, and fatigued. There is a familiarity to this overwhelming way of going about my days which bothers me. I've been noticing that the topic of idols has come up a few times, which is worth acknowledging. It causes me to wonder if, not if, but what am I making an idol in my life. We put our house on the market 2 days ago and it has been a whirlwind of cleaning, hiding the clutter, and showings. About a week ago was when we finally decided to do this again. The market may be ready now and we sure are. We don't know where we will go once it sells but I am not worried about that. However, I am extremely concerned with not scaring off potential buyers and I'm being incredibly accommodating. If you have ever tried to sell a house