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Like A Child: BABY STUFF!!!!!!!

A newborn has needs that must be met and there is a huge market of stuff to help. It may not be long before a new parent looks up and is totally surrounded by all of this new baby stuff. This can be overwhelming and confusing trying to determine what is truly necessary. Similarly, there are also several resources for new Christians available, b ut what do we really need? See all the random stuff behind my child. Every baby and every person develops at their own rate. This is also true of spiritual growth. Don’t expect to be as spiritual as your friend or someone you see at church. Get comfortable with who you are and letting God mold you. Just getting to the point of accepting Christ’s love for us may take one person a lifetime and another person minutes. Since we all develop at different speeds it is natural for the many of options to dive into our faith deeper to be appealing. My advice is to NOT get overwhelmed and start wi