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2021 Word of the Year

For 2021 my word of the year is " Jesus ".  My daughter and I were talking about my word of the year board from last year and together we came up with my new word. I usually choose a feeling word or an action but when she said Jesus, it felt perfect. And on this 3rd day of the new year, I feel confirmation that it is indeed the word and person I need to focus on.  My words in past years have included: surrender, release, content, and stand. During those years, my antenna we're up and I paid extra attention to any mention of those topics. My intention with my 2021 word is to strip away any gimmicks or facades and get to know Jesus better.  In 2020, I watched the first season of The Chosen . That show helped me look at Jesus, to humanize Jesus for me. It is hard to remember sometimes how Jesus is both fully God and fully man. I so enjoyed making connections about Jesus' relationship with the disciples, especially Peter. It was encouraging to vis