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The Fixer

Are you a #fixer ?  Do you want for everyone to always get along and for there to be peace in your household and family? Seems like a reasonable idea, right? Wrong! Works in theory but not as much in reality.  At church this past Sunday, the pastor spoke about the messiness of Jesus’s genealogy and how life isn’t perfect or easy.  Life is hard.   Life is messy . ( especially with kids, am I right ?) We, ourselves, cannot fix it. And maybe the situation isn’t meant to be fixed, now or ever. What we should focus on is God and trusting Him to get us through the challenge. Coincidentally, this sermon occurred on Mother’s Day and there were four women who spoke about what it is like to be a mother. A common thread in the conversation was that a mother may act controlling or manipulative, in the best possible way, of course . A mother wants what is best for her children and has a hard time seeing them struggle or experience pain. It is easy for a mother to jump