One-Sided Conversation

have you ever been in a one-sided conversation,
like nothing you said was heard at all

or worse that it was totally misunderstood

 have you ever been in a relationship where it felt like it didn't matter if you were really there at all,
like you weren't even in the room 

I wonder if that is how God feels

 maybe it isn't so bad if my words aren't heard

 maybe what I have to say isn't all that important 

whatever happened to thinking before we speak 
and choosing our words carefully
 remember that philosophy

 have you ever been pushed right past when actively trying to listen, 
as if a ghost just walked right through you

 sometimes it's like we can't win can't talk listen or stand

 I wonder if that's how God feels 

have you ever prayed like your life depended on it
 and maybe it even did

 how did you react when your life didn't end
do we say thank you
 do we tell a friend
 or do we  simply move on and forget

 I wonder how God feels when we call on him, beg and pray for his mercy and blessing

I wonder how God feels when we don't bother to listen or we ignore the fact that he is actually there all along and we don't have to wait until we're desperate

this is one of the first times when I felt ignored that I stopped to think how God might feel

original poetry written 10-24-2010 


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