Just a mom who prays light over darkness, praising our Father who can do what only he can do. Learning. Trusting. Encouraging.

Why do I start every prayer with a "thank you"?

As someone who struggled with anxiety and depression in my past, keeping a gratitude journal was helpful for me. When I approach my Heavenly Father, I want to have a posture of gratefulness and respect. Before I ask, I want to praise. I have had to retrain myself to pray this way, intentionally. With God's grace, I have been working toward a shift in my expectations from God. My view of God has changed from a mean man with the gavel to a loving Father who has a plan for me. I'm not naive to the craziness in the world but I have been in the Word and praying to realize the truth of who God is, the security in His promises, and His sovereignty. I believe in my Savior, I believe in the Bible, and I definitely believe in the power of prayer. Please consider praying with me. 

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