Am I an influencer? In our social media obsessed culture, influencer marketing, is a huge opportunity. Influencers are everywhere. So, am I one? 

I have a website for the blog and social media pages. Likes and follows. Certainly there is an opportunity to utilize this platform. 

Over the last year I have been privileged to learn more about social media through my workplace. Having a coach is powerful tool for growth. As much as I've learned, I would not call myself an expert, but how often do we believe that an influencer is the ultimate expert? 

Is it my goal to be seen as an expert? Do I like the attention? To answer that question I'm going to take the advice of my coach and share about the "why".

Knowing the "why" is essential to maintaining the integrity of a page. I don't want to be like a wave tossed in the ocean just as the Bible cautions. Its tempting to go with the current trend of the moment but does that line up with my "why". 

When this blog started years ago I was in the beginning of motherhood and my intention was not to lose my God given identity to #momlife. There is nothing wrong with enjoying being a mom but my identity is not solely tied to being just a mom. Hint, that is why I named the page with that theme. Check out my other blogs on being more than just a mom

This page has a purpose and without checks and balances this page has potential to get off track, kinda like our lives. Thankfully we can learn, repent, reset and move forward. Even if we don't have the ability to pay for a coach, we can ask trusted friend or even blogger friend for accountability. Set a quarterly review and make sure your posts, or life, are in line with your values and goals.  

Whether we intend to or not, we are #influencers. But who am I influencing  and is the message in line with my brand? If my life is in Christ then I need to filter all posts through the lense of being honorable for God and ultimately pointing to redemption through Jesus. 

I'm influencing my kids and anyone I come into contact with as well as anyone who finds this page. 

As a parent, my biggest hope is the see my kids in heaven one day. I pray for God to draw them to his grace and mercy. I pray beyond comfort but for eternity. 

As a human, I pray for shalom, in my coming and my going. I pray for true restoration and hope. I pray for loved ones, strangers and those who have hurt me. 

Part of being in this world is that I have zero control of what others do. Shocking, right! How often we fool ourselves into believing we can people-please, beg, or manipulate others into following our plan. The first three steps can be summed up as "I can't, God can, and I'm going to let him". Every morning and repeatedly through out the day, I need to slay my own desires and surrender to the one who can actually save a soul, including my own. 

I'm grateful that I serve a God who is active and alive. He reveals himself to me in a variety of ways. I started writing this blog on Wednesday and on Thursday night at our church community group, the subject of "knowing our why" came up. I interrupted the group with my reaction. I find it comical how much God shows up for me in the simplest of ways. Its beautiful. Its like a hug. God is real to me and I pray that he is real to you too. 

God, thank you for continually revealing yourself to me. I pray that your glory is shown through this blog and the testimony of my life. Help me to be as bold as I am wise in how I live for You. Thank you for walking with me. Make your presence undeniable for someone reading this. Help us all find our "why". May it be a blessing for you. In Jesus name, amen. 


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