The Soundtrack of Life

Driving on a warmish spring like March day in Ohio, I popped in an old cd. It was so familiar and engaging. It got me thinking about leaving behind some type of soundtrack of my life to grandchildren so they could "get me"  more than from someone else's faded memory. With each of the songs I would want to leave a note. By the end of the soundtrack, they could understand the way the world and the gospel intertwined in my life. Listening to the first few songs on this 20 year old cd reminded me just how many people could relate to those lyrics. My future grandkids probably could too.

Often I write about music because I have always been able to connect to the lyrics, a beat, or a guitar riff quickly. I genuinely love music. I am in a season of reengaging with music again. I had been strict about the amount of mainstream music I allowed in but I was really missing something with a bit more edge. Now I've finally caved and subscribed to a music platform so I can choose the songs I want when I want them. Probably the only control I have in my life, lol. (Step 1.) Well even though I might be considered a heathen by some, this has been a journey. I have discovered some artists and songs that I could never have otherwise. There is one song in particular that has found its way to being key to my recent EMDR sessions. That is how powerful music is and of course God, the Creator. 

Another bonus of this subscription is that I am customizing a playlist that I feel comfortable to let the kids hear. They are hearing the mainstream music other places and I can't control that either. Its natural. I used to listen to a lot of mainstream music as a kid and I went to church every other week at one house. I actually am grateful to mix in some of my favorites and theirs. I can let them hear silly songs from GoNoodle and a few from KidzBop as well as ones they might hear at church. God made us different and I think its awesome to celebrate the differences, including the music that speaks about God. Bonus, now my kids have stopped making fun of the "christian music". 

Have you ever thought much about a song that defines a part of your life? Comment below if you have one that is part of your life soundtrack and why. 

Father, thank you for the variety of people and the way that affects the music we have to worship You with. Thank you for the ability to hear this music. I'm so grateful. In Jesus name, amen.

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Thank you! God Bless


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