2021 Word of the Year

For 2021 my word of the year is "Jesus". 

My daughter and I were talking about my word of the year board from last year and together we came up with my new word. I usually choose a feeling word or an action but when she said Jesus, it felt perfect. And on this 3rd day of the new year, I feel confirmation that it is indeed the word and person I need to focus on. 

My words in past years have included: surrender, release, content, and stand. During those years, my antenna we're up and I paid extra attention to any mention of those topics. My intention with my 2021 word is to strip away any gimmicks or facades and get to know Jesus better. 

In 2020, I watched the first season of The Chosen. That show helped me look at Jesus, to humanize Jesus for me. It is hard to remember sometimes how Jesus is both fully God and fully man. I so enjoyed making connections about Jesus' relationship with the disciples, especially Peter. It was encouraging to visualize Jesus smiling and laughing and seeing how He was leading the group. Watching Jesus at the well was powerful. It really makes me want to know Him more and more. 

It has been recommended to me in my past to get to know Jesus. It sounds obvious in a way. Yet it's so easy to get distracted, even by good things or tools. 

I have loved doing the @first5 app the last 5 years and I plan to continue but I need to also just meditate on what I learn more. I need to dig deeper. Be more intentional

The word of the year is not a New Year's resolution. It is an intention. Perhaps like one would set an intention in a yoga class except that it's not for an hour class, it is for a year of daily living life. 

The word of the year idea can be as powerful or as forgettable as you let it. I have two boards with past words of the year painted on for display in my home as reminders. Lucky for me, I already have "Jesus" tattooed on my wrist, but I am planning on using the back of one of my other boards to make another physical display too. 

This is something I think I am going to embrace with the kids. They may not fully embrace it, but it is a good talking point and bonding opportunity, especially if we paint our boards together. I love any opportunity to naturally talk about my faith with my kids. They are going to be more likely to do what I do and not what I say anyways, right? 

In church this morning, the kids were in the pew, and it's hard for them to sit still. They were coloring. Below you can read the beginning of my notes:

not called to compare
just simply be there
holding her close
listening to the pastor
trying to be like someone else
will not heal us any faster
one name has the power
where two or more are gathered
one name
one king
seek first the kingdom 
Jesus is the key to true freedom
fix your focus
away from others and the world
fix your focus
on the Word of the Lord

Tonight my daughter was curious about my writing from church. She offered me her new JoJo diary for next time. She has been starting to write in her journals and I am applauding her for getting her feelings out in a healthy way. I love that she can ask me about what I write and why. I enjoy sharing moments like that with her. That moment at church alone made this day a beautiful day and at first, I was tempted to compare my parenting to another when I just have no business to compare. 

Father God, Thank you for the hope I found today. Thank you for being able to be in church even though it is not the same. Thank you for the Bible which is all I need for instruction. But I also thank you for help in discernment from wise people. Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead that process. Guide me through this new year. Let me not add anything to it that is without first being passed through prayer to You. In Jesus saving name, amen. 

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