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Where is Your Safe Place?

In the last few weeks, there have been some reoccurring topics on my radar, specifically sickness, politics, and refugees. I'm cautious to write much about any of these important and real life issues. I can speak to the sickness as I was one of the many, many people in my community that had a wave of the flu. I don't even remember the last time I had a stomach flu (thank you kids). My little family of four has been through two rounds of yucky viruses this season and yes we are all back to normal. Praise God we were born in a country that, regardless of your specific opinions, I believe has quality health care. We are truly blessed. Can you imagine what it would be like to be born in a country that did not have running water, a doctor's office down the street (or three), or a grocery store with ten types of infused cooking oils to sample (that's even new to me this week)?  What if you lived without 'essentials' like dishwashers, air conditioning, or heat? I'm so glad that I don't really have to worry about bombs going off in my city or watching people die or get shot regularly. That said, I do know tragedy and hard things as pretty much everyone does or will, regardless of where they were born. But my point is not to focus on what I don't know, but on what I do. When I find myself surrounded by questions that I can't answer, I can still fall down on my knees and cry out to my heavenly father and know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm heard. I know that I can pick up my Bible and connect with my Creator. I know that if I am sincere in my heart that I believe in what Jesus did on the cross, that I will not be turned away and the gate will not be shut on me.

Are you spiritually sick? Getting caught up in the drama or politics in your families, places of worship, or workplace? Do you have doubts about your future, your eternal future? 

Where do you go to seek refuge? Where is your safe place? In whom do you place your trust?

When I have felt insecure and vulnerable, I have hidden and withdrawn, pretending that I was safer that way. I was not. I could lock myself up physically and spiritually, but it didn't stop my doubts and fears from destroying my secret world. When I got out, out into unexpected, "unsafe" places to serve others, then my faith grew. As time goes on, I am less and less afraid to share the unsavory parts of my story. Why? Because I'm not ashamed to have grown to understand what Jesus Christ has done or is doing in my life. If Jesus is your safe place, in whom you seek refuge, are you willing to share Him?

Dear Jesus, Thank you for being so real in my life. It is a little strange thanking you for being, you are I Am after all. But I think you understand my meaning. You have made yourself known to me. Help me to share this with others through my actions. Let the love you give spill out of me. I don't want to keep you all to myself. Show me ways to live out love. In Jesus saving & gracious Name, Amen. 

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Thank you! God Bless


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